Are you one of the rare ones who KNOW they have a book in them?  Maybe you aren't sure where to start?  Maybe you think you don't have the time to ever share your story to the millions who need to hear it?  

Here's the simple truth:  You are not alone.  At Elk Mountain Publishing, we've developed the systems, the processes, and the expertise to bring YOUR book to life.  

To share YOUR story.

To change the lives of those YOU serve.  

The Process

Building Your Outline

We use an integrated strategy from the get-go before ANYTHING else to determine your Ideal Reader, your Happily Ever After, and the REAL ROI of your book. Why?

Because the biggest mistake people make is to write the book, THEN try to make it work in their business model or sales funnel. That’s why we place so much emphasis on your outline, your Ideal Reader, your market, and your business model first.

Building Your Book

Now that we've created the perfect outline for your book, the next (and usually BIGGEST) challenge is actually writing your book.  The good news is?  As our client?  We’ve got you covered!  Yes, really.  We are flexible. If you need help with the heavy lifting, we can handle that.

In fact, our entire process is designed to take YOUR brilliance and make YOUR book writing project “easy.”  Our team will write the book with your input or our ghostwriters can handle the entire process of creating your masterpiece for you.

Finally, you can move from having the ideas stuck in your head to holding your published book in your hands without having to stress over writing every word.

You will never struggle with staring at a blank screen wondering what to write. Elk Mountain Publishing is the beginning-to-end cure to your writer’s block.

Already have some chapters written? Great! We take everything you’ve already created, and then we will integrate it into your book.

Design & Publish

Publishing is evolving all the time.

That’s why Elk Mountain Publishing will always stay ahead of the trends for publishing.

We are the cutting edge publisher that is worthy of a business leader and influencer like you … and your book.

From cover designs to editing, we execute every step of the process with creativity, excellence, and an incredible show of value for your time.

Launch & Marketing

As a full service provider, the next step is the launch and marketing, and our services don't stop until your book is available, getting buzz, and selling.

Imagine having a truly turn key experience in bringing your book from “idea” to “reality” this year?  Imagine the lives your ideas and brilliance can impact, especially through the printed word? 

From traditional marketing, to building the sales funnel, to the customized solutions you can deploy for real success when you team up with us. 

You know your message is reaching your tribe day and night. This moment is when the celebration starts.

Who We Serve

  • Entrepreneurs who are disrupting their industry
  • CEOs who are changing, innovating, and  truly leading their companies
  • Thought Leaders who are ready to get their message out to the world
  • Influencers who are inspiring new movements

Meet Our Founder

Chris Groote is on a mission to create the next movement for authors and evolve the ghostwriting and publishing industry.

He hasn’t just built a publishing company, he’s changing the way entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders think about their stories, their businesses, and their legacies. 

After building a successful ghostwriting career, Chris was challenged by his friend and client, Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth, to systemize the ghostwriting and publishing business, and after years of development, he has done it.

He’s created programs to support new authors, systems to revolutionize self publishing, and a successful platform to allow his clients to not only tell their story, but to tell their story and create the change they want to see in their industries and markets.   

Since he began his own journey, he has personally ghostwritten dozens of books and helped to change the lives of people all over the world.

Now, he has taken his passion for helping others find their story and message through books to the next level, with a full suite of services to support Elk Mountain Publishing’s clients.  In many ways, Chris’ actions place him and his team among the truly elite ghostwriting and publishing businesses serving influencers and bringing their messages and books to the world. 

Chris works exclusively with thought leaders who know their book is more than just a book. Their book is a legacy, and Elk Mountain Publishing stands to support these men and women as the premier publisher of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the world today. 


Are You Ready To Transform Your Expertise Into A Bestseller?


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